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InvenTrakk Release History (Archived)
InvenTrakk build (posted October 19th 2007)
1. Enhancement: Pick Lists are now available in InvenTrakk!
Pick lists have endless purposes. They let you write down a list of part numbers and save the list without affecting your inventory stock levels or value. Anytime you need to write down or save a few part numbers for any reason at all you can now use an InvenTrakk Pick List. Create as many pick lists as you like for any reason you like and immediately import any of your pick lists into an InvenTrakk quotation, sales order, work order or purchase order. InvenTrakk allows you to assign a friendly name to every pick list you create to make it quick and easy to identify the purpose of any pick list.
2. Enhancement: Send sales, purchase and warranty pick lists from PartSmart
The InvenTrakk partsmart interface has been enhanced to work with InvenTrakk's new Pick List feature. Now you can send sales pick lists, purchase order pick lists and warranty cliam pick lists from PartSmart directly into your InvenTrakk System with no double entry.
3. Enhancement: Engine make and Engine model now available
Engine make and model are now available on the Engine specifications tab on all major units in InvenTrakk.
4. Enhancement: Warranty Start Date now available
Warranty start date is now available on the warranty tab on all major units to accomodate scenarios in which the warranty start date differs from the units date of purchase. Both "Date Of Purchase" and "Warranty Start Date" fields are now available in InvenTrakk. If the warranty start date is not entered it will default to the units Date Of Purchase.
5. Enhancement: Major Unit Print Outs Now Available
Two different detailed print outs are now available for your major units. The print outs are called "Dealership Detail" and "Customer Detail". You can print either report while viewing any major unit. Both reports include full details about the unit.The dealership version also includes floor planning and equipment cost information.
6. Enhancement: Auto-Calculated Warranty End Date
In regards to any major unit that you have in stock: If you fill in the warranty months on any major unit, InvenTrakk will calculate your Warranty End Date automatically for you when you sell the unit to the customer and will store this date on the unit for quick reference any time you need it.
7. Enhancement: Check Printing - now available for check refunds
If you need to refund money to a customer InvenTrakk will now print the check for you to give back to the customer. What style check does inventrakk work with? Voucher Style check with 2 vouchers (no lines on check)
8. Enhancement: Account Status at POS is now available
The customers account status will now show up on the sales and work order screens in inventrakk.
9. Enhancement: Customer details at POS are now available
A Customer detail button is now available on the sales order and work order screens in InvenTrakk allowing you to jump from any order directly to the customer screen.
10. Enhancement: InvenTrakk is now available in four editions
In order to serve all of our customers in the best possible way. InvenTrakk is now available in 4 editions: Power Equipment, Power Sports, Marine and Universal editions which allows us to build industry specific features for our customers in all of these industries. By default all customers will have the InvenTrakk Power Equipment edition. If you are a marine or power sports dealer and would like to run the Marine or Power Sports Edition please e-mail and let us know and we will send you a new license key to update your version.
11. Enhancement: Major Unit Details at POS is now available
When selling major units at point of sale time users can now jump directly to the unit being sold to view full details about the unit.
12. Enhancement: Major Unit Search For Large Customer Accounts is now available
With large corporate customer accounts for companies like Lowes, Home Depot and Wal-Mart there may be thousands of units repaired under 1 account. Because of this, we have added a serial number search that is now available when you select a unit to service on InvenTrakks work order screen. This search will allow you to easily locate any serial number on a specific customer account.
1. Bug Fix:
When purchasing/receiving major units. The default hangsheetcolor was not being applied causing a crash in Inventrakk when users tried to print dealership hang sheets. Defect has been resolved.
2. Bug Fix:
When attempting to add a service to a warranty claim if the user did not click on the manufacturer they wished to use, inventrakk would throw an error when generating the claim.
3. Bug Fix:
services on the service lookup screen used on sales orders, work orders and quotes were not being correctly sorted alphabetically. Services are now alphabetically sorted.
4. Bug Fix:
When using partsmart if there was a comma in the description of a part, inventrakk was failing to communicate with partsmart correctly.
5. Bug Fix:
Under very specific circumstances the Recalculation button which allows users to recalculate the number of items currently on order was not functioning correctly.
InvenTrakk build (posted August 28th 2007)
1. More technician worksheet styles now available!
4 different styles of technician worksheets are now available in InvenTrakk. Users can now easily switch between different worksheet styles from any order. Now you can easily pick the technician worksheet that fits your business the best.
2. Users may now unassign units from repairs:
In older versions of InvenTrakk, once a unit was assigned to a work order there was no way for users to remove the unit from the work order. A new delete button has been added next to the equipment section on all work orders allowing users to unassign a unit from a repair.
1. Bug Fix:
The following 3 issues existed on technician work sheets, orders and invoices:
a)"Date of purchase" was printing the model Year instead of date of purchase
b)Work orders with no unit assigned were displaying the word "Used" in the condition area under equipment making it appear a Used unit was assigned.
c)Engine code was printing transmission instead of engine code
InvenTrakk build (posted August 15th 2007)
1. No required fields on equipment
Users thought that having the serial number required on major units was unnecessary because they found it difficult to add items to repair such as carbs, chains etc that do not have Serial Numbers. There are no longer any required fields on equipment in InvenTrakk.
2. Easily view full details of the unit assigned to a repair-
After assigning a unit to a repair order there was no easy way to view full details of the unit should a user want to review warranty info, notes and more. Because of this, we have now placed a "details" button on the work order screen allowing users to view full details of the unit currently assigned to the repair. In addition, more information about the unit is now available directly on the work order screen itself.
3. Date of Purchase for servicable units has been re-added to the system -
Users said that "date of purchase" was very important for major units being sold and serviced. Therefore a change has been made to the major unit screen. The "date Out" field, previously located on the stock tab has now been renamed date of purchase and placed on the warranty tab of every piece of equipment so that users can utilize it for both sales and service scenarios.
4. More Equipment Information on all reports
Technicians worksheet #1, technician worksheet #2 , the order print out and the invoice print out now print 15 equipment fields instead of 9. Engine information, color, description and date of purchase now print on all reports. Because of this, these reports have been modified slightly to make room for these new fields.
Bug Fix
Retail prices for equipment received on purchase orders was not using the retail price of the parent make and model and instead was calculated at cost + 40% which is not InvenTrakk's correct default behavior.
Bug Fix
When using the customer account screen to edit equipment, the piece of equipment edited was not refreshing the "date of purchase" properly. This was a display defect only and the issue has been resolved
Bug Fix
The warranty expiration field on the serial number screen was not functioning.
Bug Fix
The equipment "show room hang sheet screen" was too large for 800 x 600 resolution. The screen size has been adjusted down to better support this low resolution.
Bug Fix
InvenTrakk's main inventory search was showing retired inventory if the user searched "non-wholegoods only"
Bug Fix
InvenTrakk's inventory search used on sales, repairs, quotes and Pos was showing retired inventory when searching "wholegoods only" or "non-wholegoods only"
Bug Fix
Users could not remove service items from sales quotaions. InvenTrakk would appear to remove the item and then re-add it.
Bug Fix
InvenTrakk's SmartTrakk interface (partSMART to InvenTRAKK) was causing errors when sending purchase orders from PartSmart to InvenTrakk.
InvenTrakk build (posted July 17th 2007)
1. Enhancement - InvenTrakk is VISTA ready! -
InvenTrakk has been updated to support the new Microsoft Windows VISTA operating system. Users may now use InvenTrakk on Windows 2000, XP or Windows VISTA
2. Enhancement - Full inventory audit trail now available! -
InvenTrakk does a great job of keeping track of stock but how would you like to be able to see a full audit history of every change made to your stock levels so that you can verify InvenTrakk is doing its job. Now you can! InvenTrakk users now have the ability to view a full audit trail for any inventory item so that you can see why InvenTrakk is reporting the stock level and inventory value that it is reporting.
3. Enhancement - Advanced Inventory Valuation now available!-
In the past InvenTrakk was hiding cost tracking information from users. Now InvenTrakk displays full cost tracking information directly on the inventory screen so that users can easily view important inventory valuation details. Used in conjunction with InvenTrakk's new audit trail, users can view full cost tracking information including "Average Cost" and "Total cost" for any inventory item. This powerful new inventory valuation feature will allow you to ensure that your inventory is valued correctly and allow you to make cost adjustments if mistakes are made ensuring that you're inventory value is reported correctly at the end of every year.
4. Enhancement - Major Unit "Cradle to Grave" tracking Now Available!-

In the past users could track major units in InvenTrakk and could store serial numbers and floor planning due dates with each major unit and that was about it. If a unit was sold, InvenTrakk users had to manually record the major unit under the customer's account.

In the new InvenTrakk we have given users complete power in InvenTrakk's new "Cradle to Grave" tracking for major units. This means that every detail of any serial number can be recorded and tracked. Users can now use the enahanced "Major Unit Manager" at the top of InvenTrakk to locate any serial number in stock, being serviced or sold. Some of the information now available for major units include:
  • Year
  • Make
  • Model
  • SerialNumber
  • Color
  • Status - In Stock, Sold, Serviced etc.
  • Condition - New or Used
  • Cost, Freight Cost, Additional Cost, Total Cost
  • Manufacturer Warranty? Months? Miles/Hours?
  • Floor Planning? Amount? Interest Rate? Who Through?
  • Complete Service History
  • Complete Engine Information - code, transmission HorsePower etc.
  • Date In/Out
  • Was it purchased? From Who? What PO#?
  • Was it sold? To Who? What Inoice #?
  • Location
  • Current owner
  • Notes
  • And More...
5. Enhancement - Major Unit Printing Options now available!-
In the past users had no good way to print listings of major units in stock. Now users have unlimited printing options. Using InvenTrakk's Major unit Manager at the top of InvenTrakk you can print practically any major unit detail. Here are just a few examples:
  • Print every major unit in stock
  • Print every major unit in stock for a particular line
  • Print every major unit in stock for a particular type and line
  • Print every major unit sold by manufacturer
  • Print every major unit sold by type
  • Print every major unit serviced by type
  • Print every major unit serviced by manufacturer
  • and much more
6. Enhancement - Detailed Major Unit Report Now Available!-
Users may now open any major unit and print a detailed report on the major unit.
7. Enhancement - Major Unit Show Room Hang Tags Now Available!-
Users may now open any major unit and print a hang tag for the major unit. Users can now instantly create hang tags for the showroom floor with customizable colors and sales pitches!
8. Enhancement - Work Order Manager is now customizable-
Work order manager is now customizable. Users can show/hide whatever columns they like so that the work order manager fits your shop.
9. Enhancement - Enhanced Point of Sale Receipts! -
Customers running the InvenTrakk receipt printer now have enhanced sales receipts. The new sales receipts include both parts and service line items and utilize a slightly smaller font to save paper. In addition, the customers change back now prints on the receipt in addition to the customers payment method and check number if applicable.
10. Enhancement - e-mail quotes to customers -
Customers can now save quotations for sales and service in electronic portable document format (PDF file format) which allows users to e-mail quotes anywhere in the world.
11. Enhancement - Equipment Listing easier and faster now -
On the customer account screen if a user modified a piece of equipment the entire equipment list would refresh which was a bit slow and caused users to lose their position in the grid. This has been enhanced. Now only the piece of equipment modified refreshes making customer equipment easier to manage.
12. Enhancement - Tag No and Notes enabled after invoicing -
By user request the Tag number field and the notes field on the work order screen will remain enabled after the work order has been invoiced allowing users to remove old tag numbers and update notes should they need to do so.
13. Enhancement - Quote shortcut now available-
A shortcut has been added to InvenTrakk's main screen so that user's can create quotes without having to navigate to a specific customer account. The shortcut is located on the left hand side of the screen ext to the Sales and Repair shortcuts.
14. Enhancement - S/Ns print on Orders -
When selling whole goods the serial number printed correctly on the customers invoice however users indicated they would like to see this print on the actual order itself as well. Print outs of orders now include serial numbers for whole-goods when applicable.
15. Enhancement - Kick cash drawer without printing sales receipt -
Users may now kick the cash drawer without printing a sales receipt on the payment screen. In addition, a "Kick Drawer" button has been added to InvenTrakk's end of day manager so that users can kick the cash drawer to cash out at the end of each day.
16. Enhancement - Purchase Order Listing -
In the past, if users click the List All button under purchase orders InvenTrakk would display the list in ascending order. Now InvenTrakk displays your last purchase order at the top of the screen so you can get to it easily.
17. Enhancement - Sales Return report now available -
A sales return report is now available which allows users to view details of sales returns for any date range they choose.
18. Enhancement - PartSmart support added for Woods (WDS) -
We have now added PartSmart support for the woods manufacturer line.
19. Enhancement - Customer Need Details now available!-
In the past, if an inventory item had a customer need greater than 0 indicating that a customer was awaiting the part, there was no easy way to see what customer was waiting for the part without running the customer back order report. Now users can see by clicking a simple button located on every inventory item
20. Enhancement - Work Order Style #2 -
InvenTrakk has two work orders styles available. The work order style #2 sheet was missing an area to enter parts. This has now been added. In addition, the sheet has been enhanced so that it utilizes paper more efficiently and will print on less paper when adding multiple services to the work order.
21. Enhancement - Purchase Order Print Out-
Many users fax InvenTrakk's Purchase Orders to their distributors. Every once in a while distibutor employees were filling incorrect quanties as they were seeing 2.0 as 20 or 1.0 as 10. So we have removed the decimal point for whole quanties to resolve this issue.
22. Enhancement - Customer Listing-
Due to high demand, InvenTrakk's customer listing now lists customers by name rather than by account number. Users can still sort customers in any way that they wish, however the default listing will now be by name.
23. Enhancement - Service Listing-
Due to high demand, InvenTrakk's service listing now lists services by service code rather than by the order in which the services were entered. Users can still sort services in any way that they wish, but the default listing will now be by service id.
24. Enhancement - Vendor Listing-
Due to high demand, InvenTrakk's vendor listing now lists vendors by vendor name rather than by the order in which the vendors were entered. Users can still sort vendors in any way that they wish, but the default listing will now be by vendor name.
25. Enhancement - Automatic Purchasing!-
InvenTrakk now gives customers ultimate ordering power by automatically creating purchase orders for you. Using a new tool located at the top of InvenTrakk called the "Ordering Manager" users can now view needed inventory which inventrakk will display based on a simple formula using minimum and maximum re-stocking levels and current available stocking level. Using this tool you can easily see every part that has a low stock level and can easily have inventrakk generate all of your purchase orders for you with a simple click of a button. Users never have to manually create a purchase order again!
26. Enhancement - Email Statements To Customers-
Users may now save electronic versions of customer statements as PDF files (Portable Document Files) which allows users to easily e-mail statements to customers by attaching the PDF to an e-mail.
27. Enhancement - Inventory Listing-
Due to high demand, InvenTrakk's inventory listing now lists items by part number rather than by the order in which the parts were entered. Users can still sort inventoryin any way that they wish, but the default listing will now be by part number.
28. Enhancement - Reset "Customer Need" and "On Order" Easily!-
In older versions of InvenTrakk, InvenTrakk would incorrectly calculate an on order level or customer need level in certain situations. If this occurred, there was no way for the user to fix the issue. In the latest version of InvenTrakk, should this problem ever occur, users can simply click a button to recalculate the value.
29. Enhancement - Quickly Print All Barcodes for received inventory!-
As you receive items on your InvenTrakk purchase orders you can now click a new "Print Barcode" button at the top of your purchase order screen to quickly print barcodes for everything that was received at one time.
30. Enhancement - Transfer Unit Service History!-
Once in a while, when creating work orders, you may accidentally enter a repair unit when it was already entered in Inventrakk causing a duplicate. Because of this, you may need to combine your service history and eliminate the duplicate unit. Users can now transfer service history from any unit to any unit to support this ability and can then transfer the duplicate piece of equipment to a retired location.
Bug Fix: -
If a user created a quote and converted it to a sales or work order prior to saving the quote, the quote would be lost. Inventrakk now automatically saves a quote prior to converting a quote to a sales order or work order.
Bug Fix: -
When trying to filter warranty claims by "sent" or "not sent" users would still see all claims. The issue has been resolved.
Bug Fix: -
When clicking the "List All" button on the manufacturer search, manufacturers were being listed by the order in which they were entered rather than by manufacturer name. This issue has been resolved.
Bug Fix: -
Some states (such as New York) require 3 decimal places for tax codes. InvenTrakk was storing 3 decimal places but was only showing two on screen. Now InvenTrakk will show 3 decimal places as needed.
Bug fix: -
When converting a quote to a customer sales or work order the customer's order list on their account would not update in all circumstances causing the user to have to close out of the customer account and re-open it to see the quote. This issue is now resolved.
Bug fix: -
In the expense manager, if a user grouped the expenses and attempted to delete the actual group itself rather than a record under the group, InvenTrakk would throw a type mismatch error. The error has been resolved.
Bug fix: -
If users opened the counter sale customer and tried to save a back ordered item, InvenTrakk was attempting to notify the user that back order items cannot be saved to counter sale customers and was throwing runtime error 5 invalid procedure call or argument. This caused InvenTrakk to crash. The error is resolved.
Bug fix: -
Hot keys/ Shortcut keys (such as F5, F6,F7 etc) were not functioning correctly in all situations on the sales order and work order screens. The issue is now resolved.
Bug fix: -
Returns made through the return module in InvenTrakk have been added to the income statement and sales tax reports and are now deducted from total revenue to make the total revenue figures for any company as accurate as possible.
Bug fix: -
The discount field on the quotation screen was not functioning. The issue is resolved.
Bug fix: -
When dealing with PartSmart 8 some parts were not being correctly communicated between InvenTrakk and PartSmart 8. This depended on the retail price of the part. If a retail price was in this format 9.2500 the interface would work but if a retail price was in the format 9.2533 (due to common rounding issues when dealing with markup) then the interface would fail. This issue has been resolved in this version of InvenTrakk ensuring a higher level of accuracy between the 2 systems.
Bug fix: -
When selling very large ticket items from $100,000.00 - $999.999.99 users were experiencing some text wrapping issues on customer invoices with the retail, extended price and invoice balance. This has been resolved.
Bug fix: -
When selling services on sales orders, work orders and quotations the discount field was not quite large enough to correctly display a 100% discount. The issue has been resolved.
Bug fix: -
When using InvenTrakk's built in security users without permission to the Reporting Manager were able to access it by using the menus and submenus at the top of InvenTrakk's main screen. This issue has been resolved.
Bug fix: -
When using deposits on orders if a user created an invoice and then voided the invoice, the deposit would get issued as store credit like it should however the deposit was not being removed from the order and should have been. This was a visual defect only and was confusing to the user. The user interface issue has been resolved.
Bug fix: -
If users created a sales order with a negative balance (such as in a case when a user would sell a negative quantity to return something to stock) the user would receive a faulty message from inventrakk indicating that cash deposits applied to the order were more than the order total even if no deposits existed.
Bug fix: -
If a user attempted to select or deselect invoices for printing in the monthly invoicing tool when 0 invoices existed Inventrakk was crashing.
Bug fix: -
When selecting a major unit to attach to a work order, users could not edit a manufacturer name for that piece of equipment.
Bug fix: -
The invoice history report should allow users to sort by customer name or invoice date. The customer name filter was failing and the issue has been resolved.
Hotfix build 2.9.9 (posted December 13th 2006)
1. Bug fix: -
When printing customer statements Address Line 2, City, State and Zip were overlapping in certain situations.
Hotfix build 2.9.8 (posted November 10th 2006)
1. Enhancement: Transfer equipment -
Users may now transfer equipment between customer accounts to handle scenarios in which a customer sells his equipment to another customer. To view this new feature simply open the customer account screen and double click any piece of equipment.
2. Enhancement: Full repair history available in equipment manager-
The equipment manager now shows complete repair history for any piece of equipment. To view this new feature, click on the equipment manager at the top of the screen and double click any piece of equipment.
3. Enhancement: Delete Equipment if needed
Users may now delete equipment if needed. Only Equipment that does not have repair history associated with it may be deleted.
4. Bug Fix: -
InvenTrakk was failing on startup when using Canadian Style GST dates in the format of dd/mm/yyyy
5. Bug Fix: -
if customer deleted a primary phone and did not add a new phone the customer account was not updating appropriately.
6. Bug Fix: -
Changing default tax codes for customer accounts was modifying tax exempt accounts.
7. Bug fix: -
if the user typed in a non numeric value in the work order manager and attempted to search by Order # InvenTrakk would return an error and close.
8. Bug fix: -
Right clicking on the main grid and selecting "change category" for inventory items was causing inventrakk to display service categories rather that inventory categories.
9. Bug fix: -
Right clicking the main grid when looking at services caused the "Change Manufacturer" and "Change Vendor" options to show up. These options are only valid for inventory items.
10. Bug fix: -
If inventrakk could not locate a upc code over 9 characters and attempted to search it's own internally generated UPC numbers runtime error 6 would occur.
11. Bug fix: -
The audit date field in the main inventrakk grid was not sorting properly.
12. Bug fix: -
Work order style #2 now shows the customer address and tag # as requested.
Hotfix build 2.9.7 (posted May 10th 2006)
1. Enhancement -
The usability of the equipment screen has been enhanced to be easier to read, use and understand.
2. Enhancement -
Users may now add, delete and modify equipment types and equipment manufacturers for pieces of equipment.
3. Enhancement -
When selling items directly from the price books, users are now warned if the item already exists in active inventory so that you do not add it twice.
4. Enhancement -
A new barcode font has been implemented. The new barcode font is easier to scan and allows your barcode scanners to work easier than ever. In our testing we could easily scan codes from 8-10 inches away with an INvenTrakk approved barcode scanner.
5. Bug fix: -
PO date search would not show P.O's for today unless you set the date to tomorrow.
6. Bug fix: -
When using custom messages at the bottom of invoices line 2 was being truncated.
7. Bug fix: -
A crash was occurring when searching for whole goods for a specific manufacturer
8. Bug fix: -
Users were not able to add equipment to brand new customer accounts until saving the customer at least 1 time.
9. Bug fix: -
The invnetory movement report has been rebuilt so that it is much easier to use and read.
10. Bug fix: -
Address line 2 was not displaying correctly on invoices.
11. Bug fix: -
Users were unable to remove service categories.
12. Bug fix: -
Sales statistics for inventory items were including voided invoices.
13. Enhancement: -
A new PartSmart Code has been added for Ferris (FRS)
Hotfix build 2.9.6 (posted March 6th 2006)
1. Bug Fix: -
When users re-ordered from the sales order or work order screen the incorrect vendor was being assigned to the purchase order.
2. Enhancemnt -
The store credit refund screen has been enhanced to allow users to refund payments in cash or check form.
3. Enhancement -
The purchase order print out now contains the manufacturer name next to each part to reduce ordering fulfillment mistakes by vendors.
Hotfix build 2.9.5 (posted February 28th 2006)
1. New: -Technician Tracking is now available!

a)users can assign primary mechanics to work orders
b)users can track detailed mechanic information now for each service performed
c)Track the date each service started
d)Track the date each service ended
e)Track mechanic that performed service
f)Track hours/minutes mechanic spent on service
g)Mechanics may record private mechanic notes for each service
h)Generate mechanic performance reports for commission and performance tracking
i)Report #1 Time spent/services performed on an order by order basis
j)Report #2 Services performed by date by mechanic
2. Enhancement:- Equipment Screen
Equipment Screen has been enhanced so that it is easier for the end user to select types and manufacturers. New and easier to use.
3. Enhancement:- Print Orders
Users may now print customer orders as well as customer invoices which serves many purposes including
1) Allowing the customer to walk away with a copy of the order
2) Allowing users to give customers receipts for deposits
3) Allowing users to see what their invoice will look like prior to invoicing
4. Enhancement: Sales Quotations-
InvenTrakk's sales quotation system has been completely updated. Users may now create sales quotes and convert these quotes directly into Sales Orders.
5. New: Print Driving Directions-
Driving Directions: Inventrakk now links directly to mapquest and auto generates driving directions for you pickup and deliverys. This new feature is located on the customer screen on the general tab.
6. New: Print Work Order Manager-
Users can now print reports from the work order manager.
7. Enhancement: Tag Number-
The tag number for repairs now prints on all invoices and has been added to the workorder manager.
8. Enhancement: Taxation-
The state of new york requires 3 decimal places in tax rates to support tax rates such as 8.125. 3 decimal places are now allowed for tax rates.
9. Enhancement:Statements-
Monthly invoicer was not printing statements in order by customer name.
10. Enhancement: Print Price On Barcodes-
We have enhanced InvenTrakk's barcoding functionality. There is a new barcode printing screen and users now have the option to print the part id and price on the barcode.
11. Enhancement: Delete Payments-
Users may now delete payments if necessary.
12. Enhancement: Faster POS-
The point of sale screens are faster than ever (Faster! Faster! Faster!).
a) Add new customers faster than ever on the Point of Sale screen (less steps)
b) Sell parts to customer's right from the price book instead of having to add part to inventory first
c) Add parts to purchase orders right from point of sale screen
13. Enhancement: Faster PO's-
Purchase orders are easier than ever. You can now order items right from the electronic price file.
14. Enhancement: Detailed Help-
Our most detailed help file ever is now full integrated into InvenTrakk.
15. Enhancement: Search By UPC Code-
Users may now search their inventory by UPC Code.
16. Enhancement: Search Whole-Goods or non-wholegoods-
Users may now search whole-goods or non whole-goods on point of sale screen.
17. Enhancement: Serial Numbers easier to read-
Invoices will now print serial numbers directly below the whole good instead of printing serial numbers at the bottom of the screen.
18. Enhancement: PartSmart Codes Updated-
InvenTrakk has been upgraded to support the latest partsmart codes.
19. Enhancement: New Parts Area On Printed Work Order-
Printed Work Orders Now have a specific location for parts used by the mechanic.
20. Enhancement: Can't Save B/O Items on Cash Sale-
InvenTrakk now ensures that you do not save an order with back ordered items as a cash sale. Any sales order with a back order must be assigned to a customer account so that the back order can be tracked.
21. Enhancement: More Friendly POS-
InvenTrakk's error handling has been improved on the point of sale screens. InvenTrakk will now check for more detailed problems to protect users from invalid settings such as creating a quick cash sale with back ordered items.
22. Enhancement:View Work Orders By Tech-
Users may now use the work order manager to show all work orders assigned to a specific technician.
23. Returns: Overhauled-
The user interface for returns has been rewritten so that it is much easier to follow and use now.
1. Bug Fix: Returns-
The return module was returning whole goods but was not putting the serial number back into active stock.
2. Bug Fix: -
Bug Fix: It was possible to save a work order without assigning it to a customer.
3. Bug Fix: -
Sales history report was showing sales history for voided invoices
4. Bug Fix: -
New return module would allow customer to return same item twice.
5. Bug Fix: -
Users were able to apply payments to void invoices.
6. Bug Fix: -
If a user voided an invoice on the customer screen, and then immediately opened the order screen and attempted to generate a new invoice the order's status would incorrectly change to invoiced and not allow the user to create a new invoice.
7. Bug Fix: -
Hot keys (F2,F3,F4,F5) Were not functioning correctly on the customer screen for invoicing functionality
8. Bug Fix: -
Customers with an apostrophe in their bill to address would error out when saving an order or creating an invoice.
9. Bug Fix: -
Inventory By Category Report was displaying categorized totals for all inventory including retired inventory. The retired inventory has been removed.
10. Bug Fix: -
Tabbing was not working properly on the payment addition screen.
11. Bug Fix: -
It was too difficult to apply store credits to invoices. Payment screen has been enhanced to make this easier and additional error trapping has been added to prevent mistakes.
12. Bug Fix: -
When deleted a customer with payments and store credits, the payments and store credits were not being deleted
13. Bug Fix: -
PartSmart code - White (WOD) was incorrect and corrected to (WHT)
14. Bug Fix: -
When moving an item from price books to active inventory the UPC Code was not being moved.
15. Bug Fix: -
Sales History, Serialized Sales and profit margin analysis have been updated to accurately reflect all part/wholegood returns
16. Bug Fix:-
Quick sales stats were based incorrectly off of orders and should have been based off of invoices.
Hotfix build 2.9.4 (posted November 11th 2005)
1. Bug Fix: -
Work Order Manager would not allow users to search all open statuses
2. Bug fix -
Purchase order screen was cutting off long part numbers and descriptions
3. Enhancement -
Invoice items now take up 1 line on the invoice rather than 2 allowing users to fit more information on each page.

Hotfix build 2.9.1 (posted October 23rd 2005)
1. New - Address Labels -
Customers who have purchased the FastPakk package may now use their barcode printer to print customer address labels.
2. Bug fix -
Searching by Customer Address was causing InvenTrakk to throw an invalid error message.
3. Bug fix -
Cash drawer balancing report was not displaying customer refunds.
4. Bug fix -
Search functionality was not fully functional on the new equipment manager.
5. Bug fix -
Back order indicator was not functioning on purchase orders.
6. Bug fix -
Deleting a manufacturer was causing InvenTrakk to crash.

Features added in build 2.8.6 (posted August 15th 2005)
1-5. New -Highly awaited and requested Full Point of Sale Capability -
a) InvenTrakk will now print barcodes,
b) InvenTrakk will now scan barcodes,
c) InvenTrakk will now interface to Epson 40 column thermal sales receipt printer
d) InvenTrakk will not kick cash drawers
e) InvenTrakk will now produce cash drawer balancing reports
Need cash drawers, receipt printers and barcode scanners? Look at our new FastPakk hardware line. Its a complete point of sale hardware package created for use with InvenTrakk.
6. New - Tax Codes - InvenTrakk now supports an unlimited number of tax codes for your business. You can assign tax codes to customer accounts, orders and even each line item on each order. Our tax code design supports tax caps and is very advanced and granular giving you ultimate flexibility when taxing customers. Our new tax codes make sales tax reports and paying sales tax a snap.
7. New - Customer Invoicing - InvenTrakk will now allow users to generate multiple invoices for every customer order. If you need to invoice a customer for a part that is in stock now and then invoice him for a part that is on back order at a later date you can now do so. InvenTrakk will now look at invoice totals and payments against invoices for all revenue and cash recognition rather than looking at completed work orders and sales orders.
8. New - Ready to mail formatting - Monthly Customer statements and invoices are now perfectly formatted to fit in any standard window envelope. Now users can quickly fold your invoices and mail them out without having to address them. We tested this functionality with a standard White Window Envelope style 100 (4 1/8" x 9 1/2").
9. Enhanced - Customer Phone Numbers - Customer accounts now have 3 telephone numbers instead of 2. These enhanced phone number fields allow you to define phone types to indicate if the fields is a work, home, cell or other type of phone number and makes phone number configuration quick and easy.
10. Enhanced - Customer Bill To and Ship To Addresses - Customer accounts now have 1 bill to address and many ship to addresses. You can record an unlimited number of ship to addresses on each customer account. When multiple ship to addresses exist you will be asked which ship to you would like to use prior to invoice generatioin.
11. New - Customer Account Balances and Statement - The customer account screen now displays the customer's current account balance. In addition you can generate a customer statement from this screen allowing you to quickly and easily analyze a customer's account status.
12. New - Customer Level Discount - The customer account screen now allows you to define a customer level discount. This discount will automatically carry over to every order that you create for this customer which allows you to enter a discount one time and never have to worry about your employees setting it correctly for future orders.
13. New - Reporting Screen - Now you can view every report in InvenTrakk from one simple screen. Every report is accessible in the new report manager. The screen allows you to filter the report list so that you can see only financial reports or only inventory reports etc.
14. New - Customer Invoices, Payments and Purchase History - In addition to general customer information and order history the customer screen now displays customer invoices, payments and a complete listing of every item the customer has ever purchased from you.
15. Enhanced - Financial Reports - All of the financial reports have been updated so that they are as easy to read as possible. They are all located on the same screen now so you should have quick and easy access to all of your financial data.
16. New - Sales By Category Report - In older versions of InvenTrakk users could view basic sales by category on the sales revenue report. Today this categorized sales breakdown has been improved and moved to a completely seperate report. The new report is easier to read and easier to use.
17. Enhanced - Sales Tax Reports - We listened to feedback and customers were unahappy with the usability of our sales tax reports and so were we! So we completely redesigned InvenTrakk's sales tax reporting. The new sales tax report shows taxable sales, tax exempt sales and total sales all on the same report. You can view summary data and detail data and the report utilizes InvenTrakk's new tax codes for ultimate ease of use.
18. New - Sales Tax PDF export - Not only did we redesign the sales tax reports for complete ease of use, we added a new Adobe PDF export that allows users to export sales tax reports to an electronic PDF file. This file can be saved, backed up and emailed anywhere you need. You can now email all of your tax data directly to your accountant!
19. New Cash Drawer Balancing Report - InvenTrakks new cash drawer balancing report allows you to easily cash out/balance up to ten cash drawers for your shop. You can find this new report under the new "End of Day" area at the top of the main InvenTrakk screen.
20. New - All common items are now services - Now in InvenTrakk all of the common fields that were listed on the work order screen including Shipping, Environmental Disposal, Hourly Labor etc are now services. By doing this we have given you the ability to configure discounts, custom pricing and customer taxation for all of these items.
21. Enhanced - Invoices can now be voided (security feature) - Invoices can now be voided. Invoice can no longer be deleted. This will prevent shop owners and managers from having employees steal money by deleting orders and pocketing the customer's cash payment.
22. New - End of Day Processing Area - There is a new menu tool on the main screen called End of Day Processing. Users can go here to generate their end of day cash drawer balancing report and other helpful end of day reports. We tried to place all of the important reports for you in one simple area so you can generate reports quickly and easily at the end of every work day to make sure you have a proper view of everything that is going on.
23. Enhanced - Payment Screen - With the release of all of the new Point of sale functionality we felt that the payment screen needed to be enhanced. So we used this screen over and over again and redesigned it so that it is faster and easier than ever.
24. New - Account Credits - InvenTrakk now tracks customer's full account balances and will allow you to track customer account credits. If the customer overpays and invoice inventrakk will automatically credit the customer's account.
25. New - Returns and Exchanges Screen - A new screen has been added to InvenTrakk to allow users better and more effectively track returns, exchanges, customer account credits and cash back. Returns could be performed in earlier versions of InvenTrakk but the new functionality is more advanced and easier to use.
26. New - Bulk Category Changes - In the past you could select any number of inventory items and right click on them to change vendors or manufacturers. In the new version you can also change the inventory categories of hundreds of inventory items all at the same time. Simply select any number of inventory items and right click on them to view this new functionality.
27. New - Service Categories - Inventory Items have always had categories. In the new version of InvenTrakk we have added service categories as well. At the end of the day, week, month etc you can view a complete categorized sales breakdown of all services and inventory items using the new categorizeds sales report.
28. New - Manufacturer Link and Manufacturer Find - Manufacturer's were sort of out of the way in previous versions of InvenTrakk. Now users can find manufacturers in the list on the left hand side of the screen along with customer, inventory, vendors and purchase orders. We relocated manufacturers so that you can get to them more easily and we added a new manufacturer search so that you can search your manufacturers should you need to.
29. New - Work Order Estimate Tracking - After listening to customer feedback we decided the old InvenTrakk quote sytem was not good enough. So we eliminated the old quote screen and the old quote list on the customer screen and created InvenTrakk's new work order estimate feature.
Work Order Estimates When creating a work order in InvenTrakk, you can now give customers the ability to request an estimate and you can track the customer's selection as either verbal, written or declined. The customer's estimate choice will be listed on the paper work order print out and on the work order screen itself.
30. Enhanced - Printed Paper Work Order - We modified the printed paper work orders so that they fully support the new customer estimate options now available in InvenTrakk. You will find the new layout professionally displayed and easy for the customer to read.
31. New - Warranty Claim Tracking - InvenTrakk now allows users to mark any item or service being sold as warranty or non warranty. When an order is invoiced, InvenTrakk will auto generate warranty claims for all items that are marked as warranty.
Features added in build 2.7.7 (posted January 30th 2005)
1. Bug fix - Build 2.7.7 of invenTrakk does not contain any new features but does resolve any bugs reported with InvenTrakk to date.
Features added in build 2.7.5 (posted January 23rd 2005)
1. Bug fix - Build 2.7.5 of invenTrakk does not contain any new features but does resolve any bugs reported with InvenTrakk to date.

Features added in build 2.7.2 (posted January 18th 2005)
1. New, Enhanced Screen Design - NEW AND ENHANCED Work Order, Sales Order, Purchase Order and Quotation screens. A new design has been implemented for the screens listed above. The new design will make the screens easier to use than ever and will allow for users to see more information easier and quicker.
2. User Security / Secure Authentication - Users can goto program options and choose to turn InvenTrakk's new security feature on or off. When Security is turned on, specific users can be given access to InvenTrakk with specific rights to designated areas of the program.
3. Customer Information On Order Screens Now - Work Order and Sales Order screens now display customer information directly on the order screen so that users no longer have to jump from the order screen to the customer screen to get address and telephone information.
4. Search Price File From Order Screens - Now Users Can Search Price Files from the work orders, sales order and purchase order screens instead of just the primary InvenTrakk screen.
5. New Shop Supply and Disposal Charge Fields - Work Orders now have shop supply fees and environmental disposal charges.
6. Change Retail Price On The Fly - Work Order and Sales Order screens now allow users to modify the retail price of any part being sold directly on the order screen (a.k.a on the fly order item price changes).
7. Automatic Telephone Number Formatting - The customer screen now includes automatic telephone number formatting. Users can type 1234567890 and InvenTrakk will automatically "pretty print" the number to (123)456-7890. This will reduce typing and make entering customers faster and easier.
8. Updated Financial Reports - The monthly invoicer, sales revenue report, accounts receivable report, income statement and cash flow report have been updated appropriately to support the new environmental disposal fee and shop supply fees on work orders.
9. Enhanced Need To Order Report - Need to Order Report has been enhanced to show you part quanties currently on order.
10. New Reporting Area And New Reports - A New Reporting Area has been added to InvenTrakk called "Other Reports". This can be found next to the Financial Reports on the main screen. Several reports have been added here and many more will come in the near future.
11. Paid In Full - Automatically Checked Now - If you add a payment to a sales order/work order that pays the customers invoice in full, InvenTrakk will automatically check the "Invoice Paid In Full" box for you.
12. Bug Fix: - High priority bug fix: In certain situations, deleting a service could remove services from more than 1 order.
13. Bug Fix: - High priority bug fix: Monthly invoicer was causing sales orders to appear like work orders when opening the order and editing it from the monthly invoicing screen.

Features added in build 2.6.5 (posted October 11th 2004)
1. PartSmart Fix - OOPS We Broke It! - InvenTrakk's SmartTrakk interface (SmartTrakk = PartSMART to InvenTRAKK) was broken in the 2.6.4 release. 2.6.5. contains the fix for this bug.

Features added in build 2.6.4 (posted October 2nd 2004)
1. Full Part Cross Reference - Track aftermarket parts fast and efficiently - Every inventory item in InvenTrakk may now be setup to point to an unlimited number of aftermarket altnernate parts. InvenTrakk will build a cross reference between all of the parts so that you can quickly and easily jump between the OEM and all of the alternate items.
2. Point of Sale - Alternate Part Substitution - The Point of Sale Interface has been enhanced to increase the speed of your shop. When you add a part to a sales order or work order, InvenTrakk will list all of your alternate part numbers for this item. Users can quickly see stock and location information for all of the parts and may quickly and easily substitute any of the parts at point of sale time for the original part.
3. New maximum On Hand For Inventory - Inventory items have always had a minimum on hand stocking level. Now inventory items also have a maximum on hand. This will allow your counter people to ensure that they do not over order parts for your shop. The maximum on hand field has been added to the inventory screens as well as to the Need To Order Report.
4. All Searches - Manufacturer Based Now - For months InvenTrakk's inventory searching allowed you to show parts for specific vendors. Now InvenTrakk allows you to be more granular in your searching and allows for you to list all parts for specific manufacturers.

Features added in build 2.5.5 (posted August 28th 2004)
1. Work Order Services - InvenTrakk now includes support for Work Order Services. Users can create an unlimited number of work order services such as blade sharpening, transmission repair, deck removal, oil change etc. and add these services to work orders just as quickly and easily as parts can be added. The work order screen now allows for users to search their full inventory as well as complete listing of services.
2. Tell me more about services - Every service can be assigned an ID, description and flat rate price if applicable. In addition every service can optionally print a detailed service description on your customer's sales invoices. For example, if your customer would like to see an itemized list of everything that was performed for a specific service, you could list full details for him/her. Each service in InvenTrakk is fully customizable on a work order by work order basis allowing you to adjust pricing quantity and service details as needed
3. Mechanic Check List - If your shop offers services that contain a large check list of items ( an example would be a winter service special where you might perform a list of 50 small items such as check battery, change oil, check tire pressure etc.) InvenTrakk can print service check lists for your mechanics so that they can check off each step of the service to ensure that the service was completed correctly and accurately for your customers.
4. Enhanced paper work order design - Based on the feedback of shops across the United States we enhanced InvenTrakks paper work order design to be easier and faster than ever. The new design replaces the open box area where mechanics once wrote in their parts and service information and adds a new line style design. This will allow for the mechanic to line up his notes better and will make the work order easier to read and write. In addition, at the top of the new paper work order are 35 customizable service check boxes that can be customized to list your shops most common services. This will give your mechanics the ability to simply check off your most common services rather than having to hand write every service performed. An area has been created on the work order so that your mechanics can initial the completed work order so that the shop may track work performed to a specific mechanic, and a customizable mechanics lien and customer signature line has also been added.
5. Enhanced Purchase Orders - InvenTrakk now lists your vendor's phone and fax numbers along with your account number on all printed purchase orders making it quick and easy to contact your vendors to purchase parts.
6. InvenTrakk remembers search settings - InvenTrakk will remember the settings that you used to perform your last vendor, inventory and customer search. As an example, If you last searched for a customer by telephone number, InvenTrakk will remember your search selection and default your search to telephone number the next time you navigate to the customer area.
7. Enhanced user interface - The user interface of InvenTrakk's main screen has been modified slightly. Users will notice some image changes and a slight modification to the left hand side of the screen that allows for us to support more searches for your business. We hope you enjoy the change!

Features added in build 2.4.5 (posted July 03rd 2004)
1. Take the SmartTrakk! The PartSmart interface, also known as SmartTrakk (partSmart to invenTrakk) is now included with InvenTrakk!!
2. Search the Work Order Manager - The work order manager can now be filtered and searched. Users can now view all work orders including completed work orders. Users can view all work orders with a specific status or search for a specific work order using 10 different searches including customer name, telephone number, work order number and much more.
3. Manufacturer Support - Due to the release of the PartSmart interface some major design changes had to be implemented. InvenTrakk now supports manufacturers. Users can create and store information on manufacturer's and assign manufacturers to vendors. Each manufacturer can have a price file and a PartSmart code associated with it. Price Files and PartSmart codes will no longer be attached to vendors in InvenTrakk. All price file customers will receive updated price files immediately and all old price files will be removed from InvenTrakk upon installation of this version so that new price files can be hooked up directly to manufacturers.
4. Inventory Items have Manufacturer Field Now - Every inventory item now has a manufacturer field. All existing Inventory items must have a manufacturer assigned to them for the PartSmart interface and price files to function correctly. Existing users can assign manufacturers to inventory items quickly and easily using our new manufacturer and vendor bulk update feature. Click here to learn how to use this new tool to quickly assign manufacturers to your existing inventory.
5. Bug Fix - Returning items on work orders and sales orders was difficult because InvenTrakk was not allowing users to enter a negative value in the ordered items grid - fixed.
6. Bug Fix - Users were not able to search for customers and inventory items containing an '(apostrophe) character - fixed.
7. Bug Fix - ReOrder screen - deleting the order qty was causing InvenTrakk to crash.

Features added in build 2.4.3 (posted June 05th 2004)
1. Bug Fix - Users were receiving an error when attempting to update company information.
2. Bug Fix - The need to order report was reporting duplicate parts
3. Bug Fix - Error 3709 was occurring after a user would try to perform a backup of InvenTrakk when another networked computer was using InvenTrakk.
4. Bug Fix - Creating a new inventory item prior to performing a backup was causing the backup to report an invalid error message

Features added in build 2.4.2 (posted May 29th 2004)
1. New Whole Goods module - InvenTrakk's inventory has been enhanced to allow users to track serial numbers for whole goods now. All serial numbers for equipment are stored in inventory and you can choose which serial number you wish to sell to the end user during point of sale. Along with serial numbers InvenTrakk also keeps track of the date of purchase and the due date for your floor planning needs so that you can ensure that you have the appropriate piece of equipment going out the door.
2. New Customer Quotes - You have always been able to create sales and work orders in InvenTrakk...but now you can create and store customer quotations too. Customer quotes work just like the sales and work order screens in InvenTrakk and each quote can be converted to a work order or sales order with a click of a button.
3. New Sales Order Comments - Add any additional comments or notes that you like to any sales order in InvenTrakk and they will print out on your sales invoices.
4. New MSRP Markup (For Price File Customers) - In addition to being able to set default sale prices for all of your price file items based on MSRP and by Cost * markup you can now set your default price file cost by MSRP * markup as well.
5. New On The Fly Inventory - If you are on a sales or work order in InvenTrakk and you search for a part that does not exist, you can now add the inventory item directly from the sales/work order screen by double clicking the inventory grid.
6. Back Orders - Pay in Advance..or don't - Users now have the option of charging for back ordered items in advance or not on the work order and sales order screens.
7. New Built-In Optimizer - Day to day usage of InvenTrakk causes files to grow in size and for the system to slow down a bit. Now InvenTrakk has an optimizer tool built in. The new tool is located under the Tools menu in InvenTrakk and will ensure that your InvenTrakk system is running at optimal performance at all times. We recommned that this tool be ran 1 - 2 times every couple of weeks. If you are experiencing any time of a network slow down..make sure you run this tool!
8. New Built-In Backup Utility - InvenTrakk now has a built in backup utility. The new utility is located under the tools menu and allows for users to quickly and easily back up their InvenTrakk system. Backing up InvenTrakk will allow you to completely restore your system after an emergency such as a computer crash, computer virus, hardware failure etc. It is very important to have your system backed up in case of emergency... Back your system up every day with this new utiliity!
9. Enhanced Financial Reports - Users wanted to see more detailed financial information and we listened. InvenTrakk's cash flow report now comes in 2 versions Summary and Detailed. The detailed version allows you to see very detailed information on every cash payment that comes into your shop for any date range.
10. Enhanced Sales Tax Report - InvenTrakk's sales tax report no longer just reports the amount of sales tax that is to be paid for any time frame. We now provide you with complete details on every single cash payment allowing you to drill down into the details of the sales tax calculation.
11. Work Order Manager - The work order manager now displays the customers phone number so that the customer can be contacted even quicker than before.
12. Bug Fix - Double spacing on sales invoices was causing "jibberish" characters to show up in the spaced area.
13. Bug Fix - Searching for Paid/Updaid Purchase Orders was not working in the advanced Purchase Order Search

Features added in build 2.3.8 (posted February 19th 2004)
1. A newly designed PO Search has been added to InvenTrakk. Searching for purchase orders has never been easier and more advanced!
2. Sales Invoices have been completely updated. They are more professional and now the equipment information for your work orders prints out on your sales invoices!
3. The reorder button on the inventory screen contained a bug which would allow a user to reorder an inventory item and add it to existing Purchase orders that have already been sent to the vendor. This issue has been resolved.
4. The "Add to Order" buttons on the Sales order, work order and counter sale screens are now highlighted in orange for viewing ease.

Features added in build 2.3.6 (posted February 7th 2004)
1. Several enhancements to the monthly invoicer. Three defects were resolved and the invoicer now allows users to jump directly to any order being invoiced by double clicking the order in the grid.
2. Inventory screen enhancements
  • Formatting added to the on hand quantities
  • Double quotes and apostrophes were not being accepted by InvenTrakk.
3. Purchase Order Screen
If an item is on back order the back ordered quantity was not displaying.

Features added in build 2.3.5 (posted January 26th 2004)
1. Manufacturer Price Files are available!
Full info here
InvenTrakk can now load part and pricing information from more than 100 different manufacturer price files. This new feature does require members to be a member of our new gold support package which costs a bit more per year however you can update your inventory every single year with the latest part and pricing information from your manufacturers in minutes!
2. The payment screen has been enhanced and now contains "amount tendered" "amount Paid" and "change due".
3. All financial reports are now available on a new and improved InvenTrakk screen. This screen allows us to better describe each report for better usability
4. A Tax Exempt Sales report has been added.
5. A Taxable Revenue report has been added.
6. Date Printed added to the work order and to the sales invoice. Previously only the order creation date was listed.
7. Date sorting was not working in the work order manager if you tried to sort the work orders by date. This has been fixed to work properly.
8. Cost was not working on the inventory screen if you entered a cost over or equal to $1000 dollars like this 1,000.00 but was working if you entered it like this 1000.00
9. If a user entered more than 4 or 5 lines on the work order screen in the initial problem field the work order would print on 2 pages. Now this has been adjusted so that you can enter roughly 12 lines in the initial problem field before the work order goes to 2 pages.
10. Users can now search their customer base by address. Dealers would like to be able to market sales and service to specific areas and this new feature allows you to locate customers on the same street to aid you with this.
11. Users can now create customized messages across the bottom of invoices. This is available now by clicking the options tool in the toolbar at the top of the invoice screen.

Features added in build 2.2.3 (October 17th 2003)
1. Counter Sales are here! Now you can create quick counter sales anytime you need to.
2. Automatic Inventory Level Checks - InvenTrakk will now check your inventory stock levels every time you add an inventory item to a sales or work order to make sure that you have enough of an item in stock to fulfill the customers order. If you don't, you can now place the part on back order for the customer.
3. Order numbers have been simplified now. Users said they were too complicated and we listened. We changed them from the old format of MMP112846123 to 0000123...much easier for everyone
4. The vendor screen now lets you store vendor email and web address information.
5. You can now create sales or work orders for customers instead of just work orders
6. Enhanced financial reporting. The financial reports were redesigned to be accurate down to the current minute. InvenTrakk previously performed a posting process behind the scenes every 3 days and updated certain information at that time. We weren't happy with this..and they are better than ever now.
7. Inventory screen now has an MSRP field as well as a cost and retail field.
8. New and improved monthly invoicing! This is much better than our previous monthly invoicing. Now you can see every order that has an open balance from the monthly invoicer. You have the option to print a customer statement, detailed invoices and a shop copy of each invoice now. InvenTrakk will automatically select every invoice for printing that has not been printed in the last 30 days.
10. Automatic notification is in if a part is on order for a customer and you receive it on a Purchase Order so you know that you need to fill the customers order.
11. Redesigned Help. Help is now more advanced and more in depth. We added a help button to 95% of the screens that allows users to get screen specific help.

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