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Paulson's Support Services
When you purchase a product from Paulson Computer Systems you will definitely want to purchase our support service to go with your product. Purchasing a support contract is like having your own software company working in the back of your business. We consider ourselves to be the technical management piece of your organization and we will work hard to ensure that your software system is up and running at peak performance at all times. With a Paulson Support Contract you will receive all of the following services each year:

  • Unlimited E-mail and Phone Support Incidents
  • Access to the Paulson Dedicated Support Team 10 hours a day
  • Free product updates for your software system as they are released throughout the year
Today 98% of all Paulson customer's have an active yearly support subscription with Paulson Computer Systems. With a support subscription we are never more than a simple e-mail or phone call away.

Paulson's Virtual Training
If you are new to computers or one of our products and you feel that you would benefit from some personalized training then Paulson's virtual training may be exactly what you are looking for. With our virtual training, a trained staff member will connect to your computer system remotely from our Washington or Columbus offices to help you learn to navigate your software system. A typical virtual training session can last anywhere from one to three hours. At the end of your training you will have a great knowledge and understanding of your software system...guaranteed!

Paulson's On-Site Training
If you prefer a more personal approach and would like one of our staff members to come on-site for installation and training, Paulson can accomodate you. We will send one of our trained professionals on-site to your location to help you with all of your installation and training needs.

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