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MarineSoft Dealership Management Software

Marinesoft provides a robust system for running the service department in a dealership.

Like many other functions of Marinesoft, work orders can be created, modified, and cashed out from the sales screen. Estimates can be created and given to the customer, and later converted into full-fledged work orders when the customer is ready.

Work orders are task-based, and support an astonishing 9,999 tasks with up to 999 sub-tasks each. Miscellaneous tasks can be added to the work order, or use any number of user-created tasks in the system that your company needs. Permanent tasks can be for Time & Material, Labor Quote, Labor & Material quote, Per Foot Quote (LOA/WLL), or Time & Material with Task Labor Rate as desired by the user.

For each task added to a work order the service writer can specify warranty or customer pay. All parts and labor added to that task will be billed the same. On any given work order there can be any combination of customer pay tasks and warranty tasks, with each warranty task billable to a different vendor.

Adding parts/labor to work orders is a simple process. From the sales screen it consists of entering hours/tenths and picking the task/mechanic. Time will be billed at the individual mechanic's rate if the task is configured as time & material. Other task types will still bill labor at the pre-defined rate. Batch entry of labor is also supported by mechanic or work order.

Marinesoft also has extensive reporting available regarding the status and profitability of work orders.

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