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MarineSoft Dealership Management Software

At the core of Marinesoft is the sales screen. Most users will become quite familiar with this area as most time is spent here conducting day-to-day business.

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From this one screen there lies a whole host of available options. Parts can now be entered to create an invoice, or optionally use a barcode scanner for quick additions. If the part number is unknown you can search your onhand parts or manufacturer price books by part number or description.

Marinesoft also supports directly launching PartSmart and MidasEPC from the sales screen, and will wait until the user is done looking up parts to add to the current invoice.

If the part is not in stock a salesperson has the option to force sale, special order the item with any applicable shipping, backorder the item until it arrives, or record it as a lost sale.

If the desired item cannot be located in any pricebook or electronic parts catalog, a misc. item can be added to the invoice.

After completing an invoice with all the desired items, many more options present themselves. An invoice can be saved for later based on a number of criteria including: cashier tickets, shipping tickets, by customer, as a proposal, as a kit, and more.

When an invoice is cashed out, Marinesoft will allow multiple tender types of cash, check, credit card or charging to customer account (Marinesoft supports optional built-in credit card processing.) Any special orders will automatically take a deposit and the invoice can be printed out in a variety of ways.

Other features of the sales screen include taking trade-ins on major unit inventory, selling new and used major unit inventory, a negotiating calculator, parts counter intelligence, price levels, and customer/vendor/invoice lookups.

Marinesoft also supports fuel sales from multiple pumps with multiple fuel types measured to the thousandth of a gallon.

The sales screen is also capable of performing every task related to work orders. Visit the service section for more information.

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