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MarineSoft Dealership Management Software

Controlling parts inventory is critical to running any good business. Thats why Marinesoft contains numerous features to keep your inventory accurate.


Marinesoft automatically adjusts inventory as items are sold. Typically parts are only removed from inventory when an invoice is cashed out. However when an invoice is saved for shipping, or when the back counter adds an item to a work order Marinesoft instantly removes the item from stock.

When a part is out of stock a counterperson has the option to force sale, special order the item, back order the item, or record lost sale. Special order items are recorded with any additional shipping charges and can be easily added to a purchase order. When receiving the purchase order the special order dispersement report indicates which customers need contacting to complete the sale.

To keep old inventory low, Marinesoft supports backward and forward supercession. See what you have in stock that has been superseded instead of ordering a second part. Marinesoft supports cross-reference lists, so the part counter can sell the same part from a different vendor with a different part number.

For most parts managers, ordering can be a big headache. Keeping stock levels at the perfect place can make or break a business. Marinesoft gives you the power to examine sales history and set minimum and maximum stock quantities for on-season and off-season ordering. Choose between just-in-time ordering or early ordering to meet demand.

No good parts department would be complete without extensive reporting. Know whats going on in the parts department when dozens of reports showing profitability, slow moving parts, salesman totals, lost sales, and much more. Parts can be divided into class codes separate from vendor allowing you to categorize parts by any arbitrary criteria, from which you can run reports detailing the activity of same items.

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