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ScheduleTrakk - Complete Scheduling Power for InvenTrakk

ScheduleTrakk is a powerful, full featured scheduling system that is amazingly simple to use. With ScheduleTrakk, you can track appointments for absolutely anything. For instance, you can easily track scheduling for all repairs in your repair center, lunch meetings, sales calls, customer follow ups, on-site services and whatever else you may need to schedule. ScheduleTrakk allows users to create an unlimited number of appointment types and assignees giving you complete flexibility. You can track appointments for one individual or for your entire team, set reminders, create recurring appointments, copy appointments and more!

Is it really Free? Whats the catch here?
Yes, ScheduleTrakk is truely 100% free for all of our InvenTrakk customers. We have ten add-on systems available for the InvenTrakk system. Four out of these Ten systems are offered to all customers 100% FREE. Providing free software to our customers when possible is part of our total commitment to serving all of our customers as best we can. We hope that you enjoy using ScheduleTrakk with your InvenTrakk system and feel free to browse our other free add-ons as well as our paid add-ons using the menu on the left hand side of this screen.

Detailed Features

  • Schedule limits
  • Simple Drag and Drop Rescheduling - Drag any appointment to any date/time to reschedule
  • Manage a schedule for yourself or for your entire team.
  • Appointments are color coded by appointment type (You control the colors)
  • Unlimited, customizable assignees and appointment types
  • Supports Appointment reminders with customizable times
  • Supports recurring appointments with customizable recurring dates and times
  • Offers Daily, weekly, work week and monthly views
  • Powerful search capability
  • Print Schedules
  • Seamlessly integrates with InvenTrakk
  • And More!

Scheduling Service/Repair Jobs
ScheduleTrakk allows end uers to attach any InvenTrakk work order to any appointment in ScheduleTrakk. You can search existing InvenTrakk work orders or create new InvenTrakk work orders all directly from within ScheduleTrakk. Scheduling service jobs has never been easier.

Figure 1: InvenTrakk work order information can be attached to any appointment

Scheduling Customer Related Appointments
Whether you need to schedule a customer follow-up, a customer sales call, a customer lunch appointment or any other type of appointment that requires customer information, ScheduleTrakk will allow you to attach information from any InvenTrakk customer to any appointment so that you never have to re-key customer information.

Figure 2: InvenTrakk customer information can be attached to any appointment

Setup...So Easy...
ScheduleTrakk puts you in full control over which appointments display InvenTrakk information and which do not. When setting up your Appointment Types simply select the InvenTrakk work order or InvenTrakk customer plug-in next to the appointment type if you want InvenTrakk information to be available on that type of appointment.

Figure 3: InvenTrakk information can be displayed for any type of appointment. Your in control.

Can I install ScheduleTrakk on more than one system?
You can run ScheduleTrakk on as many systems as you want as long as InvenTrakk is installed on that system. If InvenTrakk is installed on your system(s) you can download and instantly begin running ScheduleTrakk with no configuration or network setup required. Just download and begin scheduling.

What technology was used to build ScheduleTrakk
ScheduleTrakk is designed in the absolute latest technology available from Microsoft. At the time of this writing (3/10/09) no major competitor has a scheduler in a newer or more advanced technology than ScheduleTrakk.

Get ScheduleTrakk for FREE

VERY Important: You must be running InvenTrakk (version 3.1.8) or higher to use ScheduleTrakk. Please make sure you are running InvenTrakk version 3.1.8 or higher by going to the help menu inside of InvenTrakk and clicking "About". ScheduleTrakk will not work with any version of InvenTrakk prior to version 3.1.8.

Download size: 26.2 Meg
Posted Date: June 19, 2009
Est. Download Time 2-5 minutes (high speed connection)
Download Link Click Here To Download
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