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QuickTrakk - Easily send your financial transactions to Quickbooks!

The QuickTrakk add-on for InvenTrakk is designed for those customers who require a powerful dealership management system like InvenTrakk to run their business but prefer to utilize Quickbooks to manage the accounting side of the business.

We have heard the story from hundreds of you. You love using InvenTrakk to run your business but your accountants or bookkeeper want more accounting control. He/she wants to work with a chart of accounts, reverse journal entries, make year end adjustments and more. Your want InvenTrakk to remain simple but your bookkeeping team needs more accounting power!

The solution to this is the new InvenTrakk add-on known as QuickTrakk. QuickTrakk is available in all editions of InvenTrakk beginning in version and it allows you to easily transfer all of your daily financial transactions to Quickbooks with the simple click of a button.

QuickTrakk is designed to be completely flexible so that your data is being sent to your accounting system in the exact manner that you wish it to be transmitted. When you setup QuickTrakk you can completely configure every account you want to use including the Revenue, Asset, Cost of sales, Liability, and Accounts Receivable accounts. You can even create accounts in Quickbooks directly within your InvenTrakk system if you wish to do so.

Once QuickTrakk is configured, you simply need to click the "Quickbooks Export" button at the end of each work day to instantly transfer your financial information to your accounting System.

Financial data is transmitted to Quickbooks via journal entries and all accounts are appropriately debited and credited without the end user having to worry about the accounting details.

If you enjoy running your business with InvenTrakk and your bookkeeper would like more accounting control and power then QuickTrakk is the tool for you!

For common questions and the answers to these questions please see our Quickbooks FAQ right here

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