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FastPakk Add-On

FastPakk Point of Sale Hardware Package

The FastPakk Add-On for InvenTrakk is a complete Point of Sale hardware package containing everything that your business needs to become full point of sale capable. FastPakk instantly turns any standard computer into a point of sale machine

The package consists of top of the line hardware, hand picked by Paulson Computer Systems, from some of the most well known manufacturers in the industry including Epson, Zebra and MMF. Pricing for individual pieces is also available upon request.

What Is Included In FastPakk?
1 Barcode scanner - The Metrologic 9540 - Truely a Top of the line barcode scanner. Includes scanner, stand and all appropriate cables and power as well as the new patented CodeGate technology. The scanner is fast and efficient and sports a very sleak design.
1 Thermal Receipt Printer The Epson T88IV - Top of the line printer at the head of the class. The sales receipt printer is thermal and prints so quickly that it still catches us off guard.
1 Barcode Printer The Zebra LP2824 - Zebra...the #1 maker of barcode printing equipment in the world. The Zebra product line is lean and mean. The LP2824 will easily allow you to barcode your inventory.
1 Cash Drawer MMF Value Line MMF is as well known as anyone in the world of POS. Their equipment is sturdy and durable. The cash drawer model fully meets our needs with 8 slots for coin, 5 slots for paper, 2 front slip slots and spring loaded paper holders. We have been using it for years and really like this cash drawer.
2 USB Cables 1 USB cable attaches the label printer to the PC and the other attaches the sales receipt printer.
1 Drawer/Receipt Cable The manufacturer specific cable connection between the sales receipt printer and cash drawer for full sales receipt to cash drawer interaction.
Box of Receipt Paper
50 rolls of Thermal Sales Receipt Paper To get you started. We already picked out the brand and size for you.
Box of Barcode Labels
Its a full box of barcode labels to get you started. 8 rolls per box and 1280 labels per roll! We already picked out the appropriate brand and size for you.

How Difficult Is The Hardware To Setup?
When you purchase FastPakk you will receive several boxes. There are only a few cables to hook up (and we have included these in your package) and installation is very straight forward. We estimate that you will be completely up and running in 1 hour.

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