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InvenTrakk Dealership Management Software

CODIS Electronic Ordering - send purchase orders electronically

If you are an Outdoor Power Equipment Dealer, you may now submit purchase orders instantly and electronically to any distributor that supports CODIS Electronic Ordering without having to fax, e-mail or call in purchase orders yourself.

What distributors offer this capability?
At the time of this writing, the following distributors have the ability to accept CODIS Electronic Orders.

AES LawnParts
Atlantic Power,
Central Power
Dixie Sales Company (Pending - not available yet)
Engine Warehouse,
Engines Southwest (Pending - not available yet)
Gardner /
Medart Engine /
Power Source Canada

How Much Does It Cost?
This functionality is provided to all InvenTrakk customers 100% free of charge. We simply ask that all customers check their InvenTrakk version and make sure that they are running InvenTrakk or above.

How Do I get started?

Step #1 - Install the free ExportTrakk add-on for your InvenTrakk system

In order to submit purchase orders electronically to your distributor you will need to be running the free InvenTrakk add-on system called ExportTrakk . This add-on can be downloaded 100% free of charge 24/7 from our website at

After installing the program, an ExportTrakk icon will be placed on your desktop so that you can launch this program easily at any time. This is the program you will use to submit your electronic purchase orders to your distributors.

Step #2 - Enter the electronic Ordering settings into InvenTrakk

The distributors listed above are the distributors that we are aware of that have the capability to accept CODIS Electronic Orders. Contact any of the distributors above and tell them you would like to place orders electronically.

Your distributor will provide you with :
  1. An Account Name / Password
  2. An Ip Address

Open the vendor screen in InvenTrakk for your vendor/ distributor and click on the "Electronic Ordering Interface" button at the top as shown in the toolbar in Figure #1

Figure 1: Vendor Detail Screen with Electronic Ordering Interface button

The electronic ordering interface screen will be displayed as shown in Figure 2.

Figure 2: Electronic Ordering information

Fill in the screen with the IP Address and account name information provided by your distributor and then click the Ok button.

Your vendor/distributor setup is now complete.

Please note, each vendor/distributor will provide you with different IP addresses and account names for electronic ordering.

This concludes your setup.

You're all setup...How do you send a Purchase Order Now?

To send purchase orders to your distributor electronically you will simply create purchase orders in InvenTrakk just as you always have using the standard Purchase Order screen. If you need assistance in learning how to create purchase orders please see the purchase orders help topic in the InvenTrakk help manual.

When you are ready to submit a purchase order to a distributor, simply open ExportTrakk by double clicking the ExportTrakk icon on your desktop. The ExportTrakk screen will appear and your unsent purchase orders will be listed for you. You can choose to display all unsent purchase orders or purchase orders for specific distributors only.

Simply select the purchase order you wish to export to your distributor, make sure the Output Format is set to "CODIS Business System" and then just press the "Export" button. Your purchase order will be sent electronically to your distributor and you will receive confirmation of the successful order submission immediately.

If your purchase order was submitted successfully your purchase order in InvenTrakk will be marked as "sent" for you automatically by the CODIS Export process.

We hope you enjoy the instant electronic ordering in InvenTrakk. We welcome your feedback on this new functionality and if you have any questions, comments or suggestions please contact our support team anytime.
This website and the contents within it are copyright 2002-2012 Paulson Computer Systems. All rights reserved.