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Paulson Computer Systems Inc. is a United States based software company who has specialized in the design of powerful, industry specific business management systems for more than 20 Years.

In April of 2007, Paulson Computer Systems acquired Columbus based software company, Ferguson Logistics, who from 2002-2007, originally designed the InvenTrakk software system and add-on product line available on this site. Today, we serve our combined customer base as one team united together to bring state of art software tools to all of our clients nationwide and to ensure that all of our customers have access to our dedicated sales, support and design teams.

About the Software that we build

Our software is built on state of the art Microsoft technology and is designed foremost around ease of use. The software is designed and built by professional senior software developers who are user experience specialists and the usability of our software is second to none.

When users sit down at a software system that we designed we want them to be able to have an understanding of the system immediately and to be able to get help quickly should they need it. Because of this, our software stands out from other software systems setting the bar in usability and overall ease of use.

Our Mission

1) To provide clients with a great customer service experience
2) To create state of the art software with state of the art features at a fair price.
3) To operate an honest business that truely cares for the customers that we serve.
4) To be the best at what we do and to become known for the way in which we did it.

Customer Satisfaction

Paulson Computer Systems takes the necessary steps to ensure the highest level of customer satisfaction. When dealing with us via email or on the phone you will receive professional, quick, and friendly service guaranteed.

A statement about the quality and service provided by our company does not need to be made. Our software and people speak for themselves. We are proud of our work and honored to be able to serve each and every one of our customers.

This website and the contents within it are copyright 2002-2012 Paulson Computer Systems. All rights reserved.